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We seek to improve our students’ investment skills through hands-on portfolio management, educational guest speakers, in-depth market analysis, and networking trips to cities such as New York City and Chicago.

Our goal is to prepare our members for their future endeavors by applying the knowledge they gain in our organization to the real-world market.


Students in Money Management (SIMM) was founded in 2004 by, Bonaventure graduate of 1985, Christopher Kinslow. His goal for starting the club was to provide students with hands-on experience in handling real assets. The first year’s club consisted of only 8 members and was held in the basement of the Reilly Center with a limited amount of resources on hand. Currently, SIMM has over 40 members in the organization and conducts classroom activities in the main room of the Swan Business Center. Students now are able to obtain their Bloomberg certifications, utilize trading platforms, manage a portfolio of over $375,000, and use a variety of valuation metrics. Also, SIMM donates the majority of its earnings. One-third goes to charity, one-third goes back to the school, and another one-third goes back into the fund.



SIMM allows students of any major, not only finance, to join, especially since knowledge about topics such as journalism, marketing, political science and more can be beneficial to the club. Not only this, but the knowledge students will learn in SIMM can be applicable to their future careers or personal investments.

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